Amazon Phishing Scam Hits in Time for ‘Prime Day’

As the craze mounts for the trendiest new holiday, “Amazon Prime Day”, scammers are out in full force trying to make a holiday of their own. McAfee recently shared details of a phishing kit they discovered, containing the software necessary to target Amazon customers, dubbed 16Shop.

The software makes it easy for an attacker to draft an email that appears to come from a major technology company such as Apple, Amazon, FaceBook, etc. These emails have a PDF attachment that contains links to malicious sites that attempt to steal your information. This particular scam routes users to a Amazon-like login page in an attempt to fool you into providing your login information.

This is especially devious since many people typically use the same username and password for many of their online accounts meaning that if one account gets compromised, all your other accounts with the same credentials will also be compromised.

To better protect yourself you should probably enable MFA (multifactor authentication) which requires a 6-digit code from your mobile phone before allowing you to login to your account. So, if a hacker gets your username and password they will still not be able to login to your account. MFA stops 99% of hacks.

Here is a link to setting up MFA on your Amazon account:

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