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Acer Revo: A New Way to Compute

Acer is designing a computer made entirely of stackable blocks in an effort to enable anyone to modify and upgrade their computer’s hardware components. It isn’t clear yet whether this unit will be sold in the US but according to Mark Hachman of PCWorld, “the Build will be sold in Europe for 199 euro beginning October, and in China for 1,999 yen.” 

With more ‘blocks’ on the way it seems that Acer may have a cash cow on their hands. While there have been prototypes in the past this Revo seems to be the closest to real world application than most others. The most notable being Google and their project Ara phone. You can read more about it here.

This could make the repair, upgrade, and general building of workstations and servers to the next level. This makes empowering anyone to be able to diagnose and swap out failed components a breeze as you no longer would need a technical background to service your workstation. Need more storage space? Just stack a 1Tb block on top.

Below are some neat pictures of the unit.