Our vision is to help. To help our customers, employees, and help make the world a better place.


In the early 90s, our owner Jack worked for an electrical contractor doing computer-aided design. Jack, at the time, was a bright-eyed, youngster with a talent towards the technical, so he would often help around the office with computer issues. Well, not soon after the company decided to hire an outside IT firm for computer support. Little did he know that this day would be the defining moment of his life. Jack overheard his co-worker having a conversation with the newly hired IT firm. The support technician’s voice boomed loudly in a condescending, judgmental tone,

“Well What Did You Do This Time?”

Jack’s co-worker was clearly confused and upset that she couldn’t get her work done – and now to add insult to injury – she was being belittled by the person who was hired to help. Jack then removed him from the site right away with a determination to provide a level of technical support that was helpful and professional.

Jack left the Electrical contractors company and started what would eventually be known as Systech. With a handful of smart, helpful people Jack began to change the face of the IT service industry with best-in-class customer service and support.

Systech Is Born.

Jack buys out his partners and incorporates as Systech.

Systech moves to Lisle, IL to set up a new headquarters to support our growing business needs. We now have 10 employees and have since expanded our partnerships with technology vendors to include all of the major players in the IT industry like Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, Netgear, HP, Lenovo, Veeam, Eaton, Network Solutions, Vipre Antivirus, and many more. A lot has changed since the early 90s but our dedication to our customers has not.


We work hard to make sure our customers are happy. We strive for excellence and here’s the proof.

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How We Help

We help our customers run their businesses better and more efficiently with our unique mix of services and technology solutions. We make sure they have a friendly, professional support experience. We help to ensure our customers have a great overall technology experience – function without complication.

We help our employees by providing an open, supportive work environment. We help employees stay fit and lead healthy lives by providing access to company health and wellness programs. We make sure work takes place in fun, happy environments to help ensure the personal and professional growth of every team leader.

We help make our community a better place by getting involved in our local community’s support programs, by working with small business advocacy organizations, and by reducing our environmental impact with eco-friendly corporate policies.



We value honesty and transparency above all else. We understand the value of the relationships we have with our customers, our vendors, and our employees and know that the best way to foster a healthy business relationship is to be honest, and upfront.


We value our customers and the level of service we provide to them. Our second most important value is customer service. We ensure that you have a friendly and professional experience with each and every Systech employee. We treat every person with respect and dignity because we expect the same.


We value sound decisions. We do not look at every problem or request as a sales opportunity. We don’t recommend anything that you don’t need. We are vendor agnostic and take a holistic approach to IT solution architecting. If we cannot provide the right solution for your business, we will find you someone who can.


We value technology. Not everyone shares our vision of technology and how it can become a profit center for your business and that’s ok. We know that the efficiencies and productivity your workforce will gain can help save you money and even make you money. If you share this vision, we want to work with you!

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Managed Services, managed better. Eliminate your technology woes for good!