2016 October

Find Out How You Can Reduce IT Costs

During economic downturns it is always good to re-evaluate expenses. Staying lean and mean is healthy for all business. Given the recent economic data from Illinois you may be evaluating expense right now. IT is a necessary expense in business today. It allows companies to compete on a global scale with competitors who are much larger and have many more resources but maintaining your technology can get pricey. Today, I will be providing an analysis on hiring internal technical staff vs outsourcing your IT management and maintenance through Managed IT Services so you can find out how you can reduce IT costs.

Microsoft Stream for Office 365

Microsoft has released a new Office 365 video product called Stream. Microsoft Stream is a video sharing app for companies that resembles YouTube. You can add videos, organized by channel and hashtags, and share them with your coworkers.  Stream would be useful for sharing training videos, clips for collaborating on company videos such as advertisements, or informational videos for blog writers. Anyone in your organization can upload videos. Stream gives you the ability share videos across your entire organization, with a select group, or keep the them private for yourself.

October Power User Tech Tips

With everyone gearing up for the holiday season and striving to get everything done before the year end it’s even more important that you and your team members are as productive as possible so this month’s article will feature productivity and time saving apps. In case you’ve missed our last installments of the Power User Tech Tips I have listed them below. 

Reporting in Office 365

Today I will be discussing reporting in Office 365 via the Reporting Web Service. Microsoft, by default, has reporting available in the admin portal but has some limitations. While there is a wealth of information available in the various reports, only 4 of these reports can be scheduled. If you have administrative access to your O365 tenant you can see all the available reports by clicking the admin icon in the app launcher and navigating to the Reports section.